LMT #25169, CA

Zack was born and raised in the Corvallis area, graduating from Philomath High School in 2003. After a brief study at the University of Oregon, Zack developed a love and fascination of human movement through his practice of martial arts. This passion for movement eventually led Zack to earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Oregon State University in the field of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Since then, he has continued to earn certifications and accreditation, first becoming a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and in 2019 becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist through the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.

Zack has been trained in a vast array of manual massage techniques. His overall goal for his patients is to return functional mobility to their bodies in order to regain, maintain or fortify their health. Zack is passionate about choosing the best bodywork practices to optimize the chances of each patient achieving improved comfort.

Zack is a husband and the proud father of two wonderful girls. He has been practicing his style of bodywork at Heresco Chiropractic since 2019.