LMT #18925, CA

For Brittney, she wanted to find a career that was hands-on and included her innate desire to help others. She found the perfect career as a massage therapist. Brittney attended the Oregon School of Massage and has been practicing since 2010. She integrates a variety of Eastern and Western styles by combining varying light, general with intense, and focused techniques to promote healing and optimal function.

Brittney has been comprehensively trained and diverse techniques that she utilizes in her practice, which includes: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Facilitated Stretch and Joint Mobilization, Reflexology of the hands, feet & ears, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Energy work, Gua-Sha soft tissue scraping, TMJ relief and Migraine Prevention.
Personally, Brittney appreciates all things outdoors. She enjoys hiking, skiing and rollerblading. Brittney also enjoys getting over to the coast to fish and crab. During her downtime, Brittney enjoys spending time with her family and loves shopping for antiques and all DIY crafting.