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It's your Life - Live it in Health

From the desk of Dr. Heresco

To Your Health

10 Ways to De-Stress Your Holidays



Here are 10 ideas to nurture you this season & maintain your health and balance.
Please enjoy my holiday gift to you.
Dr. H

1. Start each day with Gratitude

When you wake in the morning, before you get out of bed, take time to appreciate all the people and things you are grateful for in your life...Say a short prayer thanking God for all that He has done in your life.

 2. Eat Breakfast!

Beginning the day with healthy choices gets you off to a healthy start!  Some ideas include Oatmeal with fruit and nuts, scrambled eggs and vegetables, yogurt & fruit smoothie (add blueberries for additional antioxidants)

 3. Use the 3 breaths at transition times

When you arrive at each transition point of the day take 3 complete breaths:

4. Take time each day to enjoy 30 or more minutes for just yourself

Listen in to see what it is you need this day...is it activity or downtime? If it is activity you need, consider taking a walk, doing yoga, stretching or movement, do your back or neck stretches your chiropractor gave you : ) and remember to keep up the fitness routine you have established every day through the holiday period. If it is rejuvenation you need today, consider taking a nap, doing a yoga relaxation, meditating, reading, or journaling...

5. Hydrate!

Remembering to drink 6 8oz glasses of pure water every day will help you center on healthy practices and get less caught up in the holiday rush!

6. Think Fruits and Veggies

Make fruits and veggies the color and substance of your meals this season- from a fruit smoothie or veggie/egg scramble at breakfast to a huge salad at lunch, to aiming for the veggies and fruits at the holiday gatherings you attend, these are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that will sustain your healthy eating patterns.

7. Make a list before the end of your workday of tasks that await you tomorrow.

Then you can begin your evening with an uncluttered mind (remember 3 breaths at this transition!) A great App to have is Evernote, so you will have the list when and where you need it.

8.  Relax when you are in the shower or take a bath.

Treat yourself to 20 minutes of down time.

9. End each day with Gratitude

Before you close your eyes to sleep again, take a moment to remember and appreciate whomever and whatever you are grateful for in your life...  Say a prayer for others.

10. When in doubt, love

Tis the season of blessing or insanity, depending on your choices. So if, when harried or hurried, remember to Love. Loving one another is the point of the holiday season; remembering that friends and family value the gift of you, not material gifts, long after the season fades…so give the richness of your presence this season!


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